SAFE Lobster

Compliance, Stewardship & Sustainability

  • Compliant by obeying all the legal laws, regulations, permit & licence conditions, codes of conduct and ethical practices, both internally and externally, within the South Coast Rock Lobster fishery.
  • Sound scientific advice and principles.
  • Long Term management approach designed around resource, economic and social sustainability targets.
  • International peer review of scientific advice.
  • Active and effective co-management between the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries and the South Coast Rock Lobster industry working together on management and scientific issues.

Conservation Management Measures

Effort Limitations, Fishing Gear Restrictions, Eco system effects of fishing (marine mammal reporting and mitigation), Catch Control and Limitations, Vessel Specifications, Vessel Monitoring System Compliance Record Keeping, Observer Program, Tagging Programme, Fishing Performance Measurements, Marine Protected Areas, Marine Living Resources Act, Seabird & Seal Protection Act, Prevention of Pollution Act, Strict Permit Conditions Biomass Growth Targets, Total Allowable Catch & Individual Quotas.