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Italians love to drink, but you can’t point out that drunks is actually!

Italians love to drink, but you can’t point out that drunks is actually!

  1. Russian guys are often most Intent on what they do;
  2. Very often work for an excellent Russian guy is within the Very first set. And – relatives and you may dating.
  3. However, if the Russian can not work, then Can not work in full, holding in order to his spouse, mommy, brother, brother, etc. descending.

Tips contrast?

One another Italians and you may Russians possess a great amount of its own, both positive and negative functions . The only real question for you is what is the concern for all of us feminine!

A couple of years ago we were vacationing when you look at the Italy for the Rimini, I’ll inform you instance a bad somebody truth be told there, however in one to store attempting to sell Venetian mug there clearly was a surprisingly beautiful hostess, we met, and soon after We noticed their own husband and you will young buck.


As it happens the south are inhabited by descendants of the Albanians, that is the reason it’s so amazingly different from the northern, regarding north individuals search much more noble, actually, they are descendants of this same Roman Kingdom.

My personal youthfulness buddy stays in Italy, near Milan, she’s an extra partner and you will once again an enthusiastic Italian, the first died suddenly, cardiovascular system.